Hey there boys, it's me, ya demon.

HEy'all! I'm Coby! He/him they/them pronouns, if ya please. I'm obsessed with Youtube, drawing, and writing! You can find me on basically ANY social media (youtube, Tumblr, twitter) with the same name, Coby Thinks. Feel free to check them all out! <3

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very cool and epic meme which i encourage you to share with your friends, family and coworkers

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trans rights are human rights

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Pirate Roman! might make a whole AU for it but I haven't decided yet. First fanart in this new less hell-like hell site. Excellent. <3

Please Don't repost! Thanks.

Guys.... I've arrived.

Lol I don't have many followers really ANYWHERE so there's not a ton that'll come looking but I'M HERE. I know a lot of people have a blog for different fandoms and then themselves.. but not this guy. I just dump everything I have into one blog and ignore the confusion, so yeah.

A lot of what you'll see will be shitposts, Sanders Sides reblogs, Sanders Sides art and writing, and youtube stuff. I like Dan and Phil, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Thomas Sanders, and Jackson Bird.

MY youtube channel is Coby Thinks, and if you haven't already I'd be glad to have to check it out! (no obligations, though, it's not for everyone)

You might also see some original art from time to time (art of my OCS not fanart y'know?)

Let's see how fun THIS website gets in comparison to the hellsite that is tumblr